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About the Festival "A Movie in Hand"

The goal of the festival A Movie in Hand is popularising the independent film work by using contemporary mobile technologies. .

The festival aims at supporting versatile and creative personalities, developing socially active citizens of Bulgaria who succeed in fulfilling the possibilities of their personality by giving meaning to cultural and historical experience, to common human values of local and world culture by mastering modern technologies.

The main tasks for organisers, regarding the festival are:

  • Distribution of common human values by using the vast possibilities of short films
  • Finding and encouraging gifted young people, dealing with cinema while providing a platform for presenting them in front of large audience;
  • Supporting youth initiative for realising socially important activities;
  • Making film work popular among young people and directing their attention to the new possibilities of contemporary cinema;
  • Supporting the creativity of young people and stimulating the practice of new and unusual work with art and new media;
  • Stimulating innovation and experiments in the development of short films;
  • Starting an open dialogue among creative young people using the resources of the cinema.

About "A Movie in Hand"

The goal of the festival "A Movie in Hand" is popularising the independent film work by using contemporary mobile technologies.

Rules for participation Rules for participation

Participation of Bulgarian and foreign filmmakers is allowed. The number of people on each team is not restricted but the number of authors, registered for a film should be no more than 4 ...


For the organisation of A Movie in Hand Festival for films, shot with cell phones or other mobile devices with built-in cameras...


A Movie in Hand is the first festival for films, shot with cell phones, established in our country. It is directed to young independent film makers, ready to experiment with modern technologies.

Jury Jury

Meeting with the jury



The fourth edition of the first of its kind festival A Movie in Hand in Bulgaria for films, shot with mobile devices is organised with the kind support of:

Shumen Municipality
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Education and Science
Association of Community centres
Episkop Konstantin Preslavski Shumen University

And the media support of:

Radio Shumen
Bulgarian National Radio


Веска Тодорова

Веска Тодорова - Огънят на Странджа


Синди Васкова

Синди Васкова - Frequency


Тихомир Дулев, Ангелина Дулева

Тихомир Дулев, Ангелина Дулева - Вътрешни пространства


Анджелина Добрева

Анджелина Добрева - Уникалната красота на Велико Търново


Боян Йорданов

Боян Йорданов - "Училище-мъчилище"


Славея Василева

Славея Василева - Чий Образ


Мирослав Асенов

Мирослав Асенов - Преследване


Бояна Йорданова, Кристина Христова

Бояна Йорданова, Кристина Христова - DIG HIM?


Микаела Стойнева

Микаела Стойнева - Една малка точка


Радост Василева

Радост Василева - Дядо, погледни миналото


Георги Петров

Георги Петров - Love you


Стефан Войводов

Стефан Войводов - Полет за двама


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1. The Grand prize of the mayor of Shumen Mr Lubomir Hristov
2. Feature Film Award
3. Documentary Feature Award
4. Cartoon Award
5. Award for a film of social importance
6. Telenor – 5 tablets
7. Award of the Community Centres Union
8. Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts Award
9. Award of the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies
10. Episkop Konstantin Preslavski Shumen University Award
11. Award of the Audience

Good luck in the competition!

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